Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Microbes

We have broad interest in different questions on the ecology and evolution of microbial life, from the origin of microbial diversity and its evolution since life emerged on Earth to the role of microbial communities in biogeochemical cycles. We combine complementary approaches including the exploration of extant prokaryotic and eukaryotic diversity by metabarcoding analysis, metagenomics, single cell ‘omics’ and phylogenomics to infer microbial functions and to elucidate the order of emergence of the different microbial groups and unravel their early evolutionary history. We have also broad interdisciplinary questions, in particular at the biology-geology interface.

The DEEM team, initially co-founded by Puri Lopez-Garcia and David Moreira, is one of the seven research components in the Ecology, Systematics and Evolution unit (UMR 8079, CNRS – Université Paris-Sud – AgroParisTech).

Latest in press

Archaea make up to 99% of microbial communities in geothermally influenced hypersaline lakes from the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Discovery of a new fungal phylum, the Sanchytriomycota, by our former PhD student Luis Galindo, in collaboration with Sergey Karpov

Vampirococcus lugosii, the vampire bacterium unveiled in Nature Comms. With some historical anecdotes.

Jolien and Laura contributed to a study of the conoid origin in apicomplexans (PLoS Biol)

Field trips

September 2021 - Iceland: a tour to collect diverse samples from hot springs across the island

December 2019 - Salar de Huasco, Chile: Guided by Cristina Dorador and her team, we have sampled microbial mats and sediments along a salinity gradient in the high altitude (3800 m) Salar de Huasco in Chile.

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Open positions

If you are a motivated graduate or PhD student or a young postdoc interested in our research activities and wishing to develop an original research project, please do not hesitate to contact us for an internship, a prospective position or to prepare an application to funding agencies.

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