Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Microbes

Members of the DEEM team lecture in different Teaching Units (e.g. Evolution en Questions) and European courses (RED’ astrobiology introductory school). Many of these lectures can be found at Astrobiovideo. We have also participated in a more basic online course about Astrobiology.

Ludwig Jardillier, Professor at the Université Paris-Saclay, lectures on ecology, particularly of aquatic ecosystems, both marine and freshwater. He mostly focuses in teaching about different aspects of microbial ecology, including the study of microbial diversity and function as well as the biotic and abiotic factors controlling community assembly across space and time.

Specific teaching (practical courses, field trips and lectures): Licence Biologie des Organismes et Ecologie (BOE) Licence professionnelle Ecopaysage Végétal Urbain (ECOPUR) Master Biodiversité, Ecologie, Evolution (BEE)