Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Microbes
Three talks on early evolution

Three short talks of less than 10 minutes on different early evolution topics: viruses, the last universal common ancestor, and the origin of eukaryotes.

Seminar at the European Astrobiology Institute

Have a look to the EAI online seminar by Puri on the limits of life at the boundaries of life and the difficulties to interpret potential biosignatures in poly-extreme conditions. A critical view with implications for habitability on Earth and elsewhere. (in brief)

Perseverance, a year on Mars

DEEM has contributed to the documentary 'Perseverance, a year on Mars' by Alain Tixier, broadcasted by ARTE. You can see it again in youtube (in French,)

'Tree of life' symposium in the memory of Tom Cavalier-Smith

Puri gave a lecture On the tree of life and the origin of eukaryotes in the ISEP symposium to honor the memory of Tom Cavalier-Smith.

Radio broadcast - Dallol

Radio broadcast at RTS Il vit que cela était bon, an audio documentary by Fred Commault on our first expedition to Dallol

Time World

DEEM has participated to Time World, an international event at the Cité des Sciences in Paris on the multiple dimensions of TIME. With the invaluable collaboration of Laurence Honnorat and the Eiffel Tower. Puri talked about the time of evolution and the origin of life.

Popular Science Books
Are viruses alive?

This is the topic of the first webinar of the French Astrobiology Society given by Puri on October 15, 2020, accompanied by a summary outreach article by the science journalist Baptiste Gaborieau.

What if the Earth were unique?

DEEM has participated to this French documentary directed by Laurent Lichtenstein and broadcasted in the TV Science Big Format (France 5)

Dallol, on the frontiers of life

A documentary of a DEEM expedition to one of the most hostile environments on Earth, by Olivier Grunewald; in English or French

Project Origins

DEEM collaborates in the project Origins and the french Association "Aux Origines du Monde". Their major objective is to favor knowledge, protection and valorisation of sensitive natural sites or sites with high heritage value through scientific exploration and research, artistic creation, exhibitions and/or documentaries.

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